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Somewhere in between the all-nighters, the politics, the deadlines, the bullshit, and the insanity, the ad business manages to be fun, sometimes even joyful.
David Oakley’s book captures what it’s like inside the hurricane.
Oh, plus it’s funny.
— Luke Sullivan, Author, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.

David Oakley isn’t an advertising writer, he is a writer we are fortunate to have in advertising. For a guy who has spent a lot of his life as a trickster, hustler and self-confessed white liar, this book is incredibly open, honest and revealing...
— Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett USA

At his core, David Oakley is a storyteller and a damn good one. He’s been doing it for his clients and his agency for decades. Now he’s done it for us. Sit down and let David take you to Oakley World.
— Peter Coughter, Author, The Art of the Pitch, Professor, VCU Brandcenter

David Oakley has the brains to dream up crazy ideas and the guts to follow through. ‘Be memorable,’ he says, and this book qualifies. The moment you read these stories, you’ll want to go tell your friends.
— Tommy Tomlinson, ESPN writer, Former Charlotte Observer columnist

Target Audience: You
Product Benefit: Laughter. Weeping. Weeping with laughter.
Subliminal Message: You will buy multiple copies of this book.
— Jim Mountjoy, Director of EYE creative lab

I can hear David Oakley’s uproarious laughter all the way down to Atlanta. His recollections of the pain, the joy, the shocks, the horrors are delivered with his unique North Carolina wit and mirth. You might not learn a darn thing reading this book, but you’ll laugh your ass off.
— Matthew Porter, Contributor to Communication Arts

In this book are ridiculously entertaining tales of the adventures of running your own advertising agency all told by one of the best copywriters and creative directors in the business today.
— David Baldwin, Lead Guitar, Baldwin &