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David Oakley is the founder and creative director of BooneOakley. He built the agency by helping brands tell their stories in ways that get noticed, talked about and shared. David has won most every top creative award in the ad business, but he is most proud of his 1973 Little League MVP. He lives in Charlotte.


Why is Your Name Upside Down?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked a thousand times since we opened BooneOakley. Everyone wants to know why Oakley
is upside down in our logo. At least once a week, someone comes to the front door of the agency to tell us that our sign is upside down. And they want to know why.  So I tell them the story.

The advertising business is a storytelling business.  Every day, our job is to tell brand stories.  In the form of TV commercials, radio spots, digital content and even billboards.  The ads we create are often a story themselves.  But behind these ads are a lot more stories.  Relationship stories.  Sad stories. Happy stories. Funny stories. Dumb stories.  

This book is a collection of stories that I love telling.  And it’s my way of sharing some of the lessons these stories have taught me.

So why is my name upside down?  Because it gets noticed, it’s memorable and people talk about it.  At least that’s what I tell people. 
And it makes a good story.  See page 189.

BooneOakley has been telling brand stories that people love to share since 2000.  How are we able to do this?  We look at things from a different perspective.  So we see things that normally go unnoticed.  That’s one of the reasons why great brands like Bojangles’, the Charlotte Hornets, the Wells Fargo Championship, Goodwill and Autobell partner with us to help tell their stories. 

1445 S. Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28203